Physical Security Training

The Physical Security Training is an introductory program designed to provide baseline knowledge of physical security. The physical security assessment process is the common thread used in teaching this program.

Practical Training

Practical Security Training is designed to help security departments develop effective security forces from the personnel screening and selection process to ensuring that proper, cost-efficient training is conducted.

Custom Training

Creating an online training program that demonstrated the tools, behaviors, policies and procedures around security requirements provided an exciting, engaging and memorable vehicle for educating the guards.

CPSOTA 20 Qualities of a Good Security Guard

  • Always be on time.
  • Knows how to communicate with others
  • Bring people to do what he want without touching them
  • Versatile and multitasks.
  • Is visual and alert on any situations and crime.
  • Flexible enough to stand, post, and act as patrol, hover, supervise and work in variety environment
  • He receives latest notifications.
  • Must be motivated and always keep his (her) client safe and secure.
  • Knows how to write a professional report.
  • He can’ resolve any problem using weapons or physical strength unless it’s absolutely necessary
  • Has the skills and experience and proper training to accomplish his/her tasks.
  • Can de-escalade any tense situations.
  • Notice when his/her environment change.
  • Knows how to give and obey orders.
  • Respectful of other people.
  • Knows the differences between a Bullying physical intimidation And report it to the supervisor.
  • Always look sharp.
  • Being always honest.
  • Maintains professional integrity.
  • Represents the company and the client to their specific standards of qualities.

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