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  • Handcuffing Techniques (8 hours)

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    Duration: 8 hours Fundamental notions regarding the proper use of handcuffs and the application thereof on a subject, including preliminary searches and pat downs. Content : • Legal aspects regarding the application of handcuffs. • Legal aspects regarding preliminary searches and pat downs. • The nomenclature, handcuff types and maintenance. • Proper handling and grip. […]

  • Monadnock® Expandable Baton (MEB) (16 hours)

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    Duration: 16 hours Fundamental notions regarding the safe and proper use of The Expandable Police Baton, according to the original recommendations of the Monadnock Police Training Council in the Monadnock MEB Training manual Content: • The nomenclature and specifications of the Expandable Police Baton • The Canadian Use of Force teaching model. • A preliminary […]

  • First Aid and CPR (16 hours)

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    Duration: 16 hours This course consists of First Aid and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) officially recognized by the FMC and the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The General First Aid including CPR Level C and AED course enables students to acquire general first aid skills. After obtaining their certificate, they are ready to respond […]

  • Field, Functions, Laws and Standards of Behavior (30 hours)

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    Duration: 30 hours This course offers the portrayal of the basic fundamentals of the functions of a Professional Security Officer. It allows the participant to discover the world of private security while absorbing the elementary notions of their future profession. Content: The Security Officer Profession Regulations and Responsibilities Customer Service Ethic, Professionalism and Public Relations […]