Handcuffing Techniques (8 hours)

Handcuffing Techniques (8 hours)

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Duration: 8 hours

Fundamental notions regarding the proper use of handcuffs and the application thereof on a subject, including

preliminary searches and pat downs.

Content :

• Legal aspects regarding the application of handcuffs.

• Legal aspects regarding preliminary searches and pat downs.

• The nomenclature, handcuff types and maintenance.

• Proper handling and grip.

• Proper positioning on a duty belt.

• Controlled take-down techniques on a subject from the escort position (arm bar).

• The theory of positional asphyxia.

• The recovery position.

• Approaching and handcuffing a cooperative subject (standing).

• Preliminary search techniques (pat downs).

• Escorting a handcuffed subject.

• Tactical communication.