Monadnock® Expandable Baton (MEB) (16 hours)

Monadnock® Expandable Baton (MEB) (16 hours)

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Duration: 16 hours

Fundamental notions regarding the safe and proper use of The Expandable Police Baton, according to the original

recommendations of the Monadnock Police Training Council in the Monadnock MEB Training manual


• The nomenclature and specifications of the Expandable Police Baton

• The Canadian Use of Force teaching model.

• A preliminary study of the human anatomy and its vital points.

• Defensive positioning and tactical movement.

• Positioning relative to reactionary zones.

• Proper grip and duty belt positioning of the baton.

• Basic carrying positions of the baton.

• Blocking techniques (one and two handed).

• Striking techniques (one and two handed).

• Various baton extraction techniques.

• Baton retention techniques.

• Static and dynamic exercises.