Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training (24 Hours)

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training (24 Hours)

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Duration : 24 hours over 3 days

During the execution of their duties, security officers must be capable of identifying potential risks regarding both people and property. Beyond being aware of the elements of risk prevention, officers must be prepared to face crisis situations and react rapidly and efficiently as to ensure the safety of all involved.

• Search Techniques
• MOAB® (Management of Violent and Agressive Behavior)
• MDTS® (Monadnock Defensive Tactics System)
• CPI (Intervention Strategy in Crisis Environment)
• SMAEC (Special Events)

Theory and Practice modules:
• PPPS (Police Pressure Points System)
• PR-24 Police Baton
• Defense and Disarmament Technique against firearms and bladed weapons